Concrete is the most used human-made material in the world, which makes it the perfect material to capture the human-made world.  

In my view, there is no other material comparable to the scale of usage in the modern world and its impact on us humans. We build our world from it. I like to call our period the Concrete Age.

My love for working with concrete comes from disrupting the material stereotype since it is usually perceived as an unpolished, dirty, and heavy building material. Although my work process is physical and visceral, my works are the exact opposite of that – neat, precise, detailed, treated like marble to a fine polished finish, creating a mismatch of expectations. 

The creative process behind my sculptures fits into one of my two points of view on the material itself. 

Firstly, I look at concrete as a monumental, mass-used, and irreplaceable material with which I capture ideas that carry the same monumental presence ingrained into our modern history, used by the masses, marking human progress. 

Secondly, I look at concrete as a regular, rough building material, which I use in its core intention to create sculptural versions of iconic buildings.

REGULAR CONCRETE is my art project focused on creating sculptures exclusively from this material.

Peter Baran